Biography finedimansion

FINE is the Graffiti Signature of Ricky Yanuardi. A Jakarta born Grafitti Artist. Focusing heavily on visual graphics all his life , started by drawing at early age and loving it since. FINE Started Graffiti the walls of Jakarta with Artcoholic, a group of young graffiti artist, nearby his local neighbourhood. Later, his exploration in drawing graffiti helped the creation of the nickname FINE. With many acronym but the artist himself explained that FINE stands for Fonts In New Evolution, that explained the form of his drawing, an evolution of fonts, from a simple alphabet to a highly complex artistic form. Now you can see his signature artwork at the Walls of Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, etc. His profile rose and he was invited to many urban art acivity accross the art plattform. FINE currently work as graphic designer, while expanding the FINE signature from wall to other medias, such as canvas, clothes, graphics art, and this website.


2 pemikiran pada “Biography finedimansion

  1. Lam kenal

    mas, saya lagi butuh banyak referensi tentang graffiti untuk menyelesaikan tugas akhir saya.. kira-kira bisa bantu ga? karena saya belum begitu mengenal dunia graffiti

    bisa reply ke email saya ya..

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